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Roaming the streets of downtown and the greater Seattle area, this NEW Korean|Mexican "fringe" Food Truck will be melding borders and whipping out tasty goodness to feed the hungry bellies of the community!! #HowdoyouKOFOO

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Kofoo Bueno is the brainchild of Kevin Kim, a first generation American-Korean who was born in New York City but moved to Seattle with his family as a small child. He firmly believes that each person has a "individual palate profile" and that "no one out there in the world can tell you what tastes good to you." That is the idea behind #howdoyouKOFOO. YOU get to participate in the process of designing your meal, be it taco, burrito or bowl. Ban Chan (Korean traditional side dishes) are also creatively incorporated into each meal. Kevin has been influenced by other first generation American-Korean chefs such as Roy Choi to build new food traditions by bringing flavors and communities together. Kofoo Bueno food truck is a mobile adventure that seeks to share its judgement-free food with Seattle at large. Discover your favorite dish, or try something new every time, your palate will thank you!


(425) 773-1730


Seattle, WA 98108


Location schedule

M-Su Updated Weekly




🚎 Lantern BRewing 5pm - 9pm Friday, September 22nd

🚎 hellbent Brewing 12pm - 4pm saturday, september 23rd

🚎 optimism brewing 5pm - 9pm saturday, september 23rd



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